1958 CESSNA 310 B Vintage ORIGINAL PAINTING 16x20 Original Ad Illustration for Cessna - Mid Century Modern Art Deco Airplane Travel



WAS $150

"1958 CESSNA TWIN 310 B" by Whitesitt apx 16x20 - painted in 1958!

Original and rare advertising illustration painting for Cessna aircraft for their then new hot twin air ship the famous and popular 310-B. Painted in firey reds and orange sunset sky... this plane screams speed and adventure!

Somehow this painting was preserved by the artist and survived, I bought it from him 12 years ago and stored it. This is the first offering of this painting for vintage Cessna and aircraft lovers the world over!

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Many do not know that the vast production of illustration , advertising, pulp and pinup art was not viewed as "real art" and not appreciated as such. When the advertising, book and magazine companies were done with the art, it was casually thrown away in dumpsters.

I have interviewed personally those that were there, and just at two of these many, throw away events. In just two events, from just two of scores of companies, one in 1957 and the other in 1960, apx 20,000 pieces of art, spanning about 60 years, by great and highly skilled artists were simply thrown away.

In those dumpsters was Normal Rockwell, Gil Elvgren, Earl Moran, Mabel Rollins Harris, Henry Clive, Zoe Mozert, MacPherson, Pearl Frush, Al Leslie, Henry Hintermeister, Roy Best, Art Frahm, Billy Devorss, Runci, Munson, Thompson, Ward, and that is just to name a few of the many lost artist's work from wide ranging genre' of religious, nature, nudes, Pulp Fiction, pin-ups, Calendar, and advertising. So anything that survives, even if preserved or recreated thoughtfully is indeed precious.

As much of the original paintings for vintage illustrations were lost, we at Vanguard Gallery have worked hard, and invested dearly for 20 years to find and preserve or recreate the very best, find the interesting, the historic, the rare and often important works; representing the popular culture, interests of the times. As popular art is a real window of society. This was snap shot on the aspirations, dreams and fantasies of the American people in historically unstable and increasingly violent 20th Century. I time when, family life, love, faith, hope and romance was the glue that held us together, a staple of life, not merely dismissed as "cute nostalgia".

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