FLIGHT To MARS, by Daniel Vancas, 40x30 Canvas 50s Santa Monica Route 66, Pin-Up UFO Flying Saucer Coke Signal Station, Corvette Chevy Pinup


“FLIGHT TO MARS, Santa Monica, circa 1959at Signal Gas Station” By artist Daniel Vancas
40X30 Canvas fine art canvas gicle signed and numbered by the artist Daniel Vancas.
This Images includes UFO near the end of the famous Route 66 at Santa Monica.
Long before there was Space X and Mars dreams, there was this exhibition at Ocean Park Amusement part, on the beach in Santa Monica. A pinup girl Hollywood actress or starlet tries to drink a cold Coke. Spills it with a "Wow! Did you see that UFO?" That just buzzed overhead and stops to look at the billboard. All while her unseen friend photographs her by the car at the Art Deco 20's era Signal Gas Stations. The Gas station was a landmark for decades in West Los Angeles. Now long gone.But the Flying Saucers are still here!

The original Painting is playfully exploring Southern California culture and icons of the time. Space, UFO, Santa Monica, 50s Corvette, Olds Pinup like Elvgren, Signal Gas Stations and pretty glamour girls.

If you like this, you will also love my other bookend art original called Blue Swallow Motel A 1959 Corvette, Thunderbird, and Hudson. Plus beautiful neon lights in a Southwestern sky. Order both!

The Pinup is vintage Gil Elvgren inspired.
A Signed Canvas. See other listings for smaller and more affordable fine art canvas or art paper giclee that also available .

This is is for the HAND SIGNED AND NUMBERED GICLEE ON CANVAS is made directly from the
ORIGINAL PAINTING 40W x 30H by Famous artist Daniel Vancas

See samples of many other art pieces created by Daniel Vancas now available to complete your vintage retro and Mid-Century interior design and collections.
Commission work by the artist is available on request, just ask.

12 color separation made on the newest best quality $30,000 giclee fine art machines. Made in the USA.
Your order is made, signed and supervised by the Artist, Daniel Vancas personally.


From the the Original Painting by Daniel Vancas (c) 3/2021 All rights res.
Original painting is still available, and listed. Check this listing out!
Original Art by Daniel Vancas circa with featured 1930s Indian Motorcycle, a saucy Elvgren inspired Redhead pinup, and the Central Pacific "California 49'er" Art Deco streamline Train highballing through the California Gold Country and foothills on transit to Chicago, circa 1939. This train service was in time for the popular destination of the historic 1939 World Expo and Fair at San Francisco's Treasure Island.

Shown is the original painting, a $12,500 value as finished painting, size is 30x40, that I completed.

There are 8 or more other Vintage San Francisco Street paintings, Plus Motorcycles and trans of Midcentury images. Just ask for a package price if you are interested in more than 3 or 4.

Your art is guaranteed to BE MUCH better than shown and of a much higher resolution than these poor cell phone photos.


Like the vintage views in this series of “Way Back Time Bubble Machine” of Artist Daniel Vancas?
Original Art by Daniel Vancas Midcentury scenes.

I am off to the shop and archive my original painting to make beautiful giclee art prints.

Layaway pay options also available.

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Though the first Painting is already sold, you can also order an original painting of this or other listings and by request. If you can not afford that you can order this fine art Giclee canvas prints of it 30x40 on canvas, or of various sizes that are now available on other listings!

MADE in the USA by Famous illustration and pinup artist DANIEL VANCAS - Creator of the "Vancas Girls" pinups

This is created from a midcentury nostalgia original painting illustration created by famous artist Daniel Vancas

This is a New Offering! First time offered here! Please allow 2-4 weeks to finish this order and I will ship to you.

Shown is the original #1 painting, a $12,500 value as finished painting, size is 30x40, that I completed, and is now SOLD.

Please see the companion piece called SKYPOWER available on another listing. They might look great together in the same office or home.

Ships fully insured in a tube for best protection. FREE USA SHIPPING!

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A Great gift for those into midcentury art, illustration, pinup Detective, Police, Art Deco, Pulp Fiction, Illustration art, Golden Age of Hollywood, films, and Movies. Diner, burger joints, Ice Cream, Coca-Cola, Coke, Hot Rods, retro wear, vintage clothing, W.W.II and Korean Warbird, nose art and aviation collectors; and of course those that love their Martini, swing, RAT PACK, Sinatra, Elvis, Marilyn and Rock A Billy set. Would look great by the dresser, pool table, bedroom, bathroom, game room, and with 1930's art deco furniture, original paintings, and sculpture.



Daniel Vancas is the creator of the "Vancas Girls" pinup and has also has painted more than 238 replicas of Elvgren pin-ups.
He also paints illustration, vintage nostalgic images of midcentury America.
They have to confirm SOLD values of $3500 to over $6,500.
Rarely ever seen outside of the gallery.

ALL OTHER ELVGREN PAINTINGS shown as samples are already SOLD!

Photo's of the artist, Daniel Vancas at Elvgren's easel at work on other paintings. SEVERAL ARE COMMISSION REQUESTS. Select Commissions of his 130 image archive are full price, $3500 to $6500.

Requests can be listed and confirmed on ETSY for requested sales if interested.

HISTORY OF THIS ART: This was the art that was popular with the bomber crews WWII, ( and Korean War). This was the type of image popular for pinups copied on countless leather flight "Bomber Jackets" B-17, B-24 and B-29! Beautiful 1940's & 1950's Commercial, Aviation, Hair Salon, Auto shop and gas station pin-up girl.


Daniel Vancas is a fine artist and fine art publisher of limited editions. Known mostly for his work in pinup, illustration, aviation and automobile art. He was the very first publisher of fine art Elvgren limited editions, and also the very first to commercially offer high-quality Elvgren Replica paintings. He promoted Elvgren for 14 years at his own expense of $1,000,000.

Before Elvgren was rediscovered in the late 1990's and well before most of those popular new books came out, Daniel Vancas Owned and opened several Vanguard Galleries promoting Elvgren! He paid for shows all around the country promoting Elvgren pinup. He was the first to open Elvgren websites in 1993 & 94.


Because an estimated 40% of all of Elvgren's paintings were thrown away and lost, and because the found ones are rarely are for sale, unless offered at $75,000 to $150,000; Daniel Vancas was the first to paint the replicas of Elvgren pinups for the public, using mostly the destroyed, lost and unavailable Elvgren images. In this way, he has faithfully and lovingly preserved many now lost works of art for another generation. At first, he was licensed with B&B, now he owns his own separate Elvgren Intellectual Property.

Over the years he was also licensed by the VARGAS ESTATE and bought and sold many vintage original vintage pinup paintings by Elvgren, Vargas, Petty, Moran and many others. Many celebrities and actors have been to his shows and gallery openings.

Daniel Vancas painted over 238 ELVGREN REPLICA PAINTINGS! He has signed and dated back of each one, so they will never be confused with the original vintage painting by Elvgren. The reason you don't often see them for resale is that the collectors of these paintings keep them. Most are sold through galleries.


As a proud owner of the Elvgren trademarks, Daniel Vancas has use these marks continual since 1994, 1st issue 1997 and re-issued, final, over 23year use since 1994, Confirmed May 2001 and Nov.15, 2005.

Daniel Vancas is listed as a registered Vero I.P. Property Rights Owner with ELVGREN art brand since 2001. His Elvgren TM has been approved and accepted as the separate ownership of Daniel Vancas, as agreed with B&B in permanent and final agreements which were made an order and recorded in Federal Court March 2001. Per this order licensee's or their 3rd parties of B&B, such as art dealers, authors, book publishers may NOT disrupt, slander Mr. Vancas art business and/or I.P. (Which includes this auction, slander on his name and products, his lawful trademarks and derivative artist copyrights on apx 130 Elvgren images, paintings, prints etc.) This being said this mark was reconfirmed and re-issued by the Federal Trademark and Patent Office after they LOST (due to unknown internal loss or theft) Daniel Vancas' 5 year filing and use statement along with a major portion of his original TM files. There was no cancelation of registration for any other reason. Because of his documented confirmations, use and supporting court order his ownership rights remain unchanged at the Federal Court because it is a Permanent irrevocable Order of the Court.

Legal imprint