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The DISCOVERY About 12x18 * art paper Giclee. Hurry only 15 ap offered!

A limited number offered with a number of 2 through 15 AP at time of delivery. Hurry before price changes, due to availability or simply sells out!

Art DECO to Modern Mid Century era American INDIAN MAIDEN Or Princess, Maid. Used for popular calendar pin-up art.
First image only, others are sample image in this series offered on other listings. Very exclusive, only 15 AP pieces offered of each image!
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These Native American Fantasy pin ups where published and used in popular calendars and advertising from pax 1900 through mid 1950s. The painting were mostly made from 1890s through 1930s. The peak popularity was the 20s and 30s. Sizes are approximate with slight variation. 20x24 to 22x26 typical.

Perfect accent decor for Modern to early 20th century and Craftsman Homes!

RARE and impossible to find. Made from artistic restorations from the vintage original paintings.

Highest quality limited edition numbered print, very small exclusive edition!
Prices subject to change due to availability.

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