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"THE GUARDIAN" By Elizabeth Strong - circa 1920s-30s

About 20W X 24 H +- Canvas - Fine Art Limited Edition Giclee.
The first Image is shown in this offering only.
Note, width is 20w and Height varies a little.


A Toddler little girl asleep protected by the family's dog a beautiful Gordon Setter who adores the little girl.

CANVAS ART GICLEE - An art print on canvas. VERY LIMITED.
Perfect for decorating Bath, bathrooms, children's room, baby or nursery.

Great baby shower gift or Nursery decoration art for a New little GIRL OR BOY on the way!


Note Approximate size. Only One at this price may have some frame crop notations.
LARGER AND SMALLER SIZES AVAILABLE: A Larger format giclee on canvas fine art print is also available, in several larger sizes. Or smaller on fine art paper, just ask and we can list it for you.

Though this presentation scan is low-resolution of the offered art as shown in the first photo, the quality of the art you will receive is so much better and high resolution.

Note: Hurry and order - Very limited inventory, Some images may be Discontinued and hard to find.
Offer may end at any time.

~ WHO WOULD LOVE THIS ART: New Moms, parents, Families, and Grandparents. Perfect for Baby Shower Gifts and decorating the Nursery or Children's Room.

Would look great by the dresser, children's bedroom, bathroom, game room, and with the 1930s, 40s and 50s mid-century to art deco furniture, original paintings, and sculpture.

In the illustration style and era of pinup artists Gil Elvgren, Earl Moran, Art Frahm, Runci, Ted Withers, Rolf Armstrong, and others.

Replica fine art print, rare, vintage art.

Enjoy this at a fraction of the cost of the original.

Ships unframed in the tube.

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A Great gift for those into Vintage, midcentury, New Moms, Retro Family life. Hot Rods, retro wear, vintage clothing, W.W.II, and Korean Warbird, nose art and aviation collectors; and of course those that love their Martini, swing, RAT PACK, Sinatra, Elvis, Marilyn, and Rock A Billy set. See our other art as well. All subjects for game and pool table, bedroom, bathroom, game room, and with 1930's art deco furniture, original paintings, and sculpture.


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